Sunday, February 5, 2012

Sedona, AZ

In January, we went to Sedona to visit my dad.  The kids were so excited to ride in an airplane.  We packed up their little backpacks with more toys/games than I thought they could hold, and headed off. 

Our plane stopped in San Antonio, and there was a small delay.  We let the kids run up and down the aisles to get their wiggles out.  Doug and Stone headed up to the cockpit, and the pilot was kind enough to let Stone in the co-pilot seat.  He LOVED it.  The pilot was so nice to answer any questions Stone had and even let him hold and move the yoke.  

 We were able to spread out after we left San Antonio, since the plane wasn't even half full.  It was really nice to have a whole row for me and Rowan and one for Doug and Stone.  The kids did pretty well on the plane ride.  Rowan's ears bothered her towards the end, and she ended up falling sleep right before we landed.
 On Wednesday, we headed to the Verde Canyon Railway.  It is a 4 hour train ride that goes through the Verde Canyon.  The weather was beautiful, so we were able to sit outside in the open air car.  Stone only wanted to stay inside, but we were able to coax him out every once in a while.  He definitely didn't like when the wheels hit the rails and screeched.  Rowan loved being outside.  

 At the halfway point, we bought ice cream sandwiches and watch the engine move to the other end of the train.  
 About 20 minutes before we were back to the station, both kiddos fell asleep.  They were tuckered.  We had such a fun time on the train.  

 Pops bought Stone a train that you can build and paint, so we had to do that one day.  

 Here the kids are hanging out in Pops' backyard.  

 The last day we were they, we headed to Red Rock State Park and went for a hike.  I look forward to when the kids are old enough to go on longer hikes.  Rowan fell asleep and I carried her the last part of the hike.  

 We had a good time visiting Pops.  The kids can't wait to go back.