Tuesday, January 24, 2012

It's been a while...

I don't where the time has gone.  We enjoyed our Christmas season as a family.  Here are just a few highlights of what we did.

1. We made salt dough ornaments with our friends.  As you can see we really made a mess, but it was so much fun!

2.  We attended our church's Christmas Brunch.  There was lots of food, singing and dancing.  As well as cupcakes.

3.  We enjoyed time with our families.  What is better than a hug from your cousin?  I really love this picture.

4.  Christmas Eve the kids wore matching snowman jammies and then it was off to bed.  

 5.  Our kiddos were spoiled with so many new fun things to play with and enjoy.

 6.  There was lots of baking that went on as well.  As you can see, Rowan prefers to taste test as we go along.

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Donnell Days said...

Love the matching jammies...too cute!