Friday, December 10, 2010

About time for an update...

I don't know where time has gone.  I just realized that I haven't posted anything since the beginning of November.  We have been busy I guess.  I will fill you in on our whereabouts.

Doug and I were so thankful to have a quick getaway in November to the Atlantis resort in the Bahamas.  It was    a work trip for Doug's company and all the spouses were able to come as well!!  We were so excited to get away and have some rest and relaxation.  The resort was great and we had a blast riding water slides, laying around, and looking at the ocean.  I say looking, because we couldn't swim in it.  The ocean was so rough, that they closed the beach.  Still beautiful to look at anyways.

We missed our sweet babies at home, but really enjoyed the time away.  About a week later we headed down to Wimberley to celebrate Thanksgiving with my family.  We enjoyed eating, putting together puzzles, playing bingo and spending time with family.  Although it was 3 nights of HORRIBLE sleeping (all 4 of us in 1 room), we managed.  A full size bed just isn't big enough for all 4 of us, even though 2 of us are little.

Now on to Christmas...Hopefully I won't be so behind in posting things.  Stone is in love with all the lights in our house, and he has made it his personal mission to turn them all on when he wakes up and to turn them off before we leave the house.  Love him!!