Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Beach Weekend

**WARNING:  This is an extremely LONG post, but I had to capture our weekend at the beach!!

In the beginning of August we headed down to Galveston to celebrate Nonnie's 60th birthday, which is in June!  We surprised her on her birthday with a trip to the beach, and she could hardly wait.  It was a task to get 2 adults and 2 kiddos packed away into our SUV.  We wanted to take as much as possible to make things "easy", but ended up having to leave a few things behind.  Stone was a big help helping me pack the suitcase for me and Doug.

We headed out on Friday morning.  What should have taken about 5 hours ended up taking 7.  We had to stop and feed Rowan twice, and after Stone took a short nap he was hungry as well.  They both did great in the car.  We couldn't have asked for better travelers.  We arrived at the house we rented, and Stone was so excited to see Wick and Nonnie.  We were planning on heading to the beach that evening, but decided that we would stay at the house and go in the morning.  

Stone had a great time playing in the sand.  He was very hesitant (as usual) about the water, since he hadn't ever seen it before.  He quickly warmed up, and Doug took him out into the waves.  
Playing in his "bath"

Stone and Wick
We headed to the Moody Gardens Aquarium on Sunday morning.  After a blow out diaper from Rowan, which had to be quickly changed, we were ready to explore and see the fish.  Stone loved looking at the fish, but I don't think he realized that there was glass between the fish and himself.  He finally realized after we had him touch the glass that they couldn't get to him.  He loved the tunnel that you walk through with fish swimming overhead.  We must have spent 20 minutes in there.  There was even a huge sea turtle swimming in the tank.

Wick and Stone in the shark cage
Here are my two sweet beach babies.  Rowan was a trooper and slept in a pop up tent that a friend let us borrow.  (Thanks, Jennifer!!)  Doug and I laughed at how we would have never taken Stone to the beach at 4 months old, but that is what happens when you are the second child.  She was a happy baby for most of the weekend, except for one minor melt down because she was tired.

Sleeping beauty
 One of Stone's favorite things to do while we were there was to have one of us build sand cars and then he would immediately knock them down.  What simple entertainment!!

 Apparently the people that stayed at the house before us had a little girl that left her sunglasses.  Well, Stone saw them and wanted to wear them.  He would walk around saying, "I look good."  What a mess!!

 The ice cream man drove around one day, and we decided to buy him an ice cream.  He loved it.  Can you tell he is looking at me from behind his sunglasses.  He melts my heart!

What a sleepy boy after all that playing in the sand and sun.  We can't wait to take them back next year with Nonnie and Wick.