Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Make Room for Baby and a New Obsession

We are getting all the final touches on Rowan's nursery. I am so excited to see it all complete. I had to laugh the other day to remember how Stone's nursery was done months before he ever arrived, and here it is 14 days to our induction date and the room isn't complete. I guess I have more important things at hand, like raising a fun-loving boy!!!

Stone has realized that there is another crib in the house now, and every once in a while he asks to get in the crib. Here he is laying down going "nigh-nigh." Oh so fun! I don't know how much he will like it once his new baby sister is in the crib, but for now it is fun for all to climb in the crib.
A few months ago, when Stone was at my mom's, she pulled out my brother's old matchbox cars. Well, let's just say they were a complete hit!! Stone loves going to Nonnie's and playing with Uncle Wick's cars. He giggles and jumps around when she pulls them out. I remembered that a friend of mine had passed down a bag-full of cars that her boys no longer played with. So, I pulled them out and now when we are having a rough day we can play with our vroom-vrooms (as Stone calls them). The only thing is, I have been finding them ALL over the house. They don't seem to stay contained to their basket. Oh well, the joy they bring my little guy is worth the mess.

What a pile of cars!!

Oh, which one to play with???