Thursday, February 18, 2010

I LOVE snow!!

I love the snow. I have always wanted to live somewhere that it snows in the winter. I know that my ideas of the snow are romantic ideas, and I am sure that if I lived where it snowed several months out of the year that I would grow to dislike it. Well, last Thursday, I got my wish of snow. I woke up to let the dogs out to go to the bathroom and was shocked to find everything covered in white. It was beautiful!!! I called Doug out of bed to come look at it. I couldn't wait for Stone to wake up and see it. I know he won't remember the year it snowed and snowed and snowed, but I wanted to see everything through his eyes. We had a doctor's appointment, so we headed out the door and braved the cold.

Stone and I went and ate lunch with Nonnie after our appointment and once we got home I let Stone stand in the front yard to look at the snow. He wouldn't walk on the snow. I don't think he knew exactly what to do. He stayed on the driveway where there wasn't any white stuff. Now, please don't judge me for not having a jacket on my child. I figured that he was fine since he had a hat on and we lose most of our body heat through our head anyways. :)

Friday morning, the snow had stopped falling, but it was still beautiful outside. Stone and Daddy went out with a measuring cup and Stone came back with some "nose" (as he kept calling it) in his cup.
Stone and I bundled up and headed down the street in his wagon to play with Hudson and Dena. The boys played with sticks and Stone still refused to walk on the snow. I put ziplocs over his feet to keep them dry. He kept telling me no and trying to take them off. We don't own snow boots or rain boots of any sort, so we had to make due.

As we headed home, I noticed that there was a little bunny nestled into the snow. It was obviously trying to stay warm. We were probably 3 feet away from it and it wasn't budging. I think it stayed there most of the day, because I could see a little dark lump if I looked out our windows. Poor thing was probably freezing.

Daddy and Stone played in the snow for a bit and then it was time to eat and take a nap. It was a great few days and I hope that it snows this way again in the next few years, so that Stone can really enjoy playing in it.