Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Looks like it's a...


We will be adding a precious little girl into our family towards the end of March. I am adding few of the sonogram pictures, although we didn't get many due to her lack of cooperation. We go back in for another sonogram in another month to try and get more accurate measurements.

Here she is laying face down, you can see her spine.

Here is a picture of her foot which measures 3.7 cm.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Happy Halloween

Stone enjoyed Halloween this year. Last year, he was only outside for about 5 minutes, before he started to get fussy and headed to bed. This year he lasted for about an hour and a half! He started the evening by looking that he neighbors blow up pumpkins. He was mesmerized by them, and kept wanting to go see them. We decided not to take him trick or treating this year, since he would have no clue what was going on, and we didn't need to candy around.

Just like last year, we pulled up our fold out chairs on our drive way and passed out candy. Stone loved eating the sucker that our neighbors gave him, and cried when I took it away after he was covered in sticky gook.
Hudson came by in his adorable golfer outfit. Both boys just stood their while we took pictures and attempted to make them smile. Maybe next year we will get a smile out of them.

As you can see from previous pictures Stone wasn't wearing a hat all night. I was furiously working to finish his hat for his skeleton costume, and finally finished it about 10 minutes before we went inside. At least we got some pictures before we headed inside for the evening.

Stone's favorite part of the night was putting the candy in the trick or treaters bags. He would stand holding a piece of candy waiting anxiously for them to walk up. So glad he wanted to share. Hope you all had a Happy Halloween!!

Where have we been???

We had quite a busy month of October. Stone and I started the month with flying out to see my dad in Sedona, AZ. It is an absolutely beautiful place. Stone loved hanging out with his Pops, and I know my dad enjoyed seeing Stone as well, and maybe me too.
Stone and Pops
We spent hours outside on my dad's patio. Stone became quite the soccer player. He would run and kick the ball. We were quite impressed. He seems to have a natural knack for athletics. I don't know how normal this is for a 17 month old, but he loves anything to do with a ball. The funny thing is, that Doug and I aren't super big into sports, so he comes by this naturally.
Stone thought is was funny when we would run after the ball. He would stop and laugh hysterically.

The weather in Sedona was perfect. It was chilly in the morning, but warmed up to the 70s by the afternoon. Stone had to bundle up to go outside in the morning. I had to add this shot, because it made me laugh that he was wearing his jammies, crocs, and had on his jacket and hood.

Here we are at the airport about to head home. Sleepy eyed boy, but oh how he loved to watch the planes take off. He would clap and cheer every time one flew past the window.
My Nana turned 87 in October, so my mom, Stone, and I loaded up the car to head to Corpus Christi to surprise her. We did the same thing last year. My Nana and Aunt Kim haven't seen Stone in about 4 months, so they were thrilled to see him.

We spent some time outside blowing bubbles. I love this sweet smile as he waited for the bubbles to be blown.

We headed to the aquarium on Saturday. I wasn't sure what Stone would think, but he LOVED it. He wasn't too sure about getting close to the glass at first, but he quickly warmed up.

We watched a dolphin show, which wasn't super fun to him, because you couldn't see them most of the time, but he loved going into the room that you could look at the dolphins swimming around. He would run back and forth trying to see them.

I am so thankful we were able to take both trips. Stone was a trooper, and did great for the most part travelling.