Thursday, September 17, 2009

Swimming, Biking, and Running...OH MY!!!

Labor Day was quite an eventful day for Doug. He participated in his first Sprint Triathalon!!! I am so proud of him for doing it first of all and finishing secondly.

He started with a 300 meter swim (6 laps of an indoor pool).

Then he headed out in the blistering heat for a 15 mile bike ride. This part was a breeze for him since he already bikes 14 miles to work 3 days a week. He did have one minor snag during his ride. He ended up getting a flat and "crashing." Although the only thing to show for his fall was a slightly scrapped elbow and shoulder.

Then came the really tough part since it was around 11 am, the 5K run. He definitely was one tired puppy as he crossed the finish line. We cheered him across the finish line!

Later that night as I was wiping off the numbers that were written on him, we realized that since he hadn't put sunscreen on, they were permanently on him. It is a good reminder of his first, but not last attempt at a sprint tri.

After we rested that afternoon, we headed to get some ice cream. Stone has never had an ice cream cone before, so he was in heaven when Daddy shared his cone with him.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Won't I make a great...

We are excited to announce that we are expecting another sweet baby Tigert on March 26, 2010! Stone is clueless and Kimbralie is hopeful that it will be a little girl.

Melt a Mama's Heart

The other day, Stone woke up from his morning nap. He was walking around the kitchen, while I prepared lunch. Well, all the sudden, he came running up to me and grabbed my leg. He wrapped his sweet arms around my leg, laid his head on my leg and started patting me, while saying Mama. Oh my, I was mush! This definitely makes all the hard parenting stuff worth it.