Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Making a Grandma Proud

Doug's mom has been teaching and playing the piano for years. A couple weeks ago, we went to their house and she bought him a little toy piano. Stone loves to play on it and listen to the music it makes. I decided that since our real piano is in his playroom, I would leave it open, so he could "play" it if he wanted. He figured out pretty quickly that it makes noise, and he loves to touch the keys. I am hoping that he will become a musician one day, just like his daddy. I think Doug is hopeful he will learn to play the guitar, so they can play together. For now, we just have his sweet little fingers on the piano. Maybe one day, he will become a great piano player.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

On the Move

I guess I thought I had written about this big event, but apparently not. Stone has been walking holding on to toys and our hands for quite a while. Then one night, I turned to Doug and said it wouldn't be long before Stone started letting go and walking on his own. Well, right after I said that he let go of the chair and started WALKING!!! It was so exciting. He is now all over the place, and he doesn't really care if you are in the same room or not. It has been so fun to watch. No major bumps or bruises yet. He has fallen several times and hit his mouth on things, which in turn makes his gums bleed. Then, we have to give him a popsicle to help with the boo-boo. Maybe that is all part of his master plan. I will try to post a video of him walking soon.