Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Springtime Pictures

I haven't been on here is a while. Craziness has hit our house. We decided a couple weeks ago to put our house on the market. We just wanted to see what would happen. We are in need of a slightly bigger house. Last Monday, it officially hit the market. By Friday, we had shown the house about 5 times and we had a bid!!! This wasn't supposed to happen this fast. Doug and I sat in the kitchen Friday night; the house was so quiet, and it made me a little sad to know that we will be leaving our house. I am excited to see what we can find in a new house. We close on May 20th. So, time is ticking!

I thought I would post some Spring pictures for you all to enjoy. We went to a bluebonnet patch a couple weeks back with my friends, Dena and Melissa, and their boys. Stone just sat there. The bluebonnets were as tall as him. No smiling pictures, but cute anyways.

"All Done"