Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Kimbralie- The Daredevil

So Saturday was Kimbralie's 18th birthday!! I can't believe she is that old. It is unbelievable how fast time flies and she has only been in my life for 8 years.

Kimbralie has always been a bit of a dare devil. She likes to do things that push the envelope and could have a small bit of adrenaline junkie in her blood. She has always wanted to bungee jump. So after a great meal at an Italian food restaurant with Doug's family and 2 friends, we headed over to Speed Zone and Zero Gravity over on 35. They rode go carts for a little while, and then decided to go over the BIG rides. I had to leave by this time, because it was getting cold and Stone was getting sleepy. She went on a ride where they strap you into a big ball and it shoots you up in the air. Then she wanted to do the free fall!!! Yes, you heard me right. It is a 100 foot free fall. Then after that she bungee jumped. I would say it was quite an adventurous and crazy birthday for her.


Happy Birthday, Kimbralie! We love you.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Exciting times

A lot has been going on this week in our house. Stone seems to be changing every day. I can see him learning and doing new things. It is so much fun to watch him grow. I tell Doug almost daily that I feel SO very blessed to have Stone as my son. I can't believe that the Lord would entrust me with such a precious and amazing gift.

Stone and I spent some time outside with the beautiful weather. He loved to be outside and play on a blanket. Then he discovered that there was grass around us and wanted to touch it. When Stone was a newborn, we used to be able to instantly calm him by going outside. This trick still works. I am excited to see what that means in the future.

He has started to babble a lot more. You can hear letter sounds in there as he is talking. I can't wait to hear what his little voice will sound like once words start coming out.

He also gets very excited when he sees someone that he knows or recognizes. When Doug comes home from work at night, he is instantly greeted with a HUGE grin. Stone will giggle and get so excited to see his Daddy. He also does the same thing to Kimbralie when I pick her up at school. He won't know that she is in the car and then she will turn around and talk to him. You would think that he hadn't seen her in years by his reaction.

On Wednesday we had a huge milestone, Stone started to pull up on things. I decided to put the legs back on one of his toys that he got for Christmas, so he could stand by it. It was a hit. He would stand there and smile as he played. He was so proud of himself. Well, after that we had him on the ground crawling and he would start to attempt to pull up on the musical table. I can't believe how fast he caught on to pulling up. In a matter of a day, he was pulling up and being very successful at it. He only wants to stand now and play with his toys. Is walking in our near future?!?!

This was him playing with the table on Feb 2nd.

And here he is on Feb. 6th!

I just have to add one more picture. Stone had some crazy hair for a couple days last week. It wouldn't do anything, but stand straight up.

Although, I do miss the sweet newborn stage, this is probably my favorite stage so far of watching Stone grow!