Sunday, July 27, 2008

Weekend at Wimberly

Doug here. I wanted to add a note myself. Jessica usually adds all the posts. We just go back from Wimberly Texas. We had a good time with family down there. Jessica cousin had a beach wedding in Hawaii and we all attended a reception when they got back. Now we want to go there. It really is a beautiful place.

Here is Jessica having fun with the camera.

During our time in Wimberly there never was a lack of hands to hold Stone. One pair of hands we were glad to see was Jessica's Grandmother which is Stone's Great-Grandmother. We all call her Nana.

Also. Here is my favorite picture of Stone and I so far. Jessica got this picture at the perfect moment that Stone smiled.

I wanted to say a few words about his belly button. It is actually the lining of his stomach that did not close properly after the birth. It is fun to push on it... within limits. I usually say I am pushing out the poop. The gap is about the size of a dime. As mentioned in an earlier post it does heal naturaly with time.

Stone is so much fun to have and will get more fun the older he gets

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Milk Duds and other random pictures...

Ok, so you are probably wondering about the title. Well, Stone has an umbilical herniation. It started about a week and a half ago. His belly button was just slightly poking out. Well, now it is obviously much bigger. Kimbralie says that is looks like a Milk Dud. When we went to the doctor on Monday, Dr. de said it was no big deal. It should heal on its own by the time Stone is 4. Yea, that is right 4. Doug was a little bothered by this. He is worried that Stone is going to be self-conscious of his huge outie. I am not too worried about it. If it hasn't corrected itself by the time he is 4, then he will have surgery, but we are hoping it will self-correct before that. Here are a few pictures of our little guy with his Milk Dud belly button.

Fast asleep in his bouncer

Here are a couple other pictures of Stone that I just love. The hat he is wearing was a gift from his aunt Susan. It has little sock monkey ears and a picture of a sock monkey on the front.

Oh no, I am caught.

Sweet Stone

Hey, I'm a little gangster.

Monday, July 21, 2008

What a way to celebrate!

Stone is 2 months old today! We celebrated by going to the doctor and getting his first round of shots...Oh how sad it made the two of us. We both cried. :( He was a real trooper though. He stopped crying pretty soon after they were given to him.

He is getting so big. He now weighs 12 lbs 7 oz and is 21 3/4 inches long. He is pretty average. He is cooing a lot and giggling. He stares intently when you look at him. We absolutely adore his smile. Today while at the doctor he rolled over onto his side for the first time by himself. I know we are in for more changes just around the corner.

Friday, July 11, 2008

a little too sleepy to remember...

So I don't have any pictures to go with this short little story, since it all happened Thursday morning at 1:00 am. I got up to feed Stone as he was starting to grunt and squirm...I got out of bed, got him out of bed, sat down in the rocker, and the next thing I know an hour and a half has gone by. Now I have no idea if I ever fed him or not, but I decided at 2:30 to lay him back down in his bassinet. Whether he ate or not, I have no idea. If he didn't, well...he slept through the night then. He fussed at 3:30, which makes me think maybe he didn't eat. Oh well, I guess he was ok.

Sleeping is going much better these days. We decided that our little guy was a little sleep deprived from being on the go so much. He is sleeping much better during the day and he sleeps well at night as well. Now if we can just start to get our feedings at night to stretch a little. :)

That is all for now. Hopefully we won't have another night of not knowing if he ate or not. Good night!

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Smiles and giggles

Here is the start of my sweet smile.

It has been a while since I have posted anything. We are starting to enjoy Stone's smiles and giggles. He just this week started to smile as he sees Doug and I. Here are a few pictures of his smile...It seems to be very hard to catch on camera. Hopefully one day we will catch it.

Look at my dimple!